Top 5 Best Car Amplifier

If you are a fan of listening to music in your car as you sit in traffic, you may be interested in boosting the sound so you can get the full experience (and drain out the sounds of the traffic around you). The quality of the factory-installed sound systems in vehicles are pretty good, but if you really want the best car audio setup for sound quality adding an amplifier will help.

An amplifier is used to power better speakers and subwoofers. The amplifiers that come with the vehicle usually do not have the power necessary to do this, so it is best to get yourself a cheap one off Amazon that can do the job well and give you a great audio experience when paired with the best car stereos. Below we have ranked our top 5 best car amplifiers most of which you can get for around $20.

This is the most expensive amplifier on the list by almost $100, but for good reason. This is meant for the car audio setup that needs a lot of power. It is a 500 watt class-d mono amplifier. It has short circuit protection, high level inputs, and remote bass control. Definitely a model for the more tech-savvy car enthusiast, this is a great choice for those who are looking for a high-quality setup that goes well with the best car audio speakers. This is also the best seller in marine amplifiers, so if you got a boat, too, you can use it with either.

4. ViewHD 1x2 HDMI Splitter with Integrated Audio Extractor with Optical and RCA L / R Stereo Outputs | VHD-1X2HSACi

This brand of amplifiers ranges in price from $20 to almost $200. This model, listed at $34, is an HDMI 1x2 splitter with audio extractor. It is a simple install process and many use it with computers, home theater systems, and such, but it works for car audio setups as well. If boosting the sound is what you are looking for at a cheap price, this is a great choice. It can handle the high heats of extreme use and it is one of the best car amplifiers for its versatility. And if this one does not seem like the best fit, there are 7 other reliable models to check out.

The first of two Orei products on this list, this model is $22 and is the V. 1.4 model. All audio options are supported which makes it great for upgrading the sound system in your vehicle. It comes in three different varieties of HDMI splitters at 1x2, 1x4, and 1x8. It is a cheap and reliable option that will help you with your basic audio setup needs. It is easy to hook up and can handle the simple car modifications, including some of the best car stereos.


The second of the Orei products is the V. 1.3 model. A little older but with all the expected reliability, this model supports all audio options. It is encased in a heavy-duty metal enclosure to keep it from overheating and to keep up with all the extreme use you can put it through. It also come in three varieties of splitters at 1x2, 1x41 and 1x8. It is exactly the device you need to take the best car audio speakers you have and complete your car audio setup.

The best car amplifier on our list is the best seller on Amazon for good reason. Its retail price is $50, but it is the easiest to install and use of any of those on the list. It works in home theaters and especially well in cars. It is bluetooth and all you need to do is touch your smartphone to the device and you are ready to play your music. It works with the setup you already have and it can help you with the simplest of upgrading. With this device there is no need to go all out in an expensive overhaul of the sound system in your car. It is simple and easy, which is always the best.


If you want to get the most out of your current or upgraded sound system, buying and installing an amplifier can help you attain the best car audio setup for sound quality. While some of these devices may take a little bit of work to install and maybe even a little tech know-how, there are some great products on this list that will not cost you too much time or too much money. An amplifier is the first step in taking the sound quality of your ride home to the next level and we hope one of these products helps you do just that.