Top 5 Best Car Detailing Product

Absolutely jaw-dropping is not what I want to hear, rather I’d like to see jaws dropping at the site of my clean car. Not possible without some sort of ultimate car cleaning kit, be it pre-made for you or put together by you yourself. Now, you must be in some sort of luck to have run into me, because I’ve got you covered on finding the best car detailing products around. It’s not only because I personally enjoy having a jaw-dropping car, but I also am sick of seeing jaws drop and laugh due to pure lack in cleanliness. I also get tired of reading and seeing the same “wash me” finger traces on cars.

1. Paint Sealant Car Wax Kit by CarGuys

For those of you who actually wash your car and are looking to give it some detailing straight from the show room floor, this is a product for you. Top of the line wax finish that’ll last long and look incredible, and this is a kit including a microfiber towel and wax applicator. They designed this stuff with you in mind, making it easy to apply while not taking all damn day and then having to worry about buffing it out. Not only is it easy to use and will make your car look incredible but it’ also eco friendly, which is great compared to many other products. On top of all the great stuff about this wax is that they guarantee you’ll love it.

2. Meguiar's Complete Car Care Kit

Alright so let’s just step it down slightly and take care of a more broadened situation, very much like a person who’d like to just get down and clean their car and then detail. Well, this is a nice 12 piece-set that’ll cover just about all grounds of detail work. It comes with a wash to remove dirt from the car as well as the wax to get it shining after you get through scrubbing her down They also provide a tire gel to keep those tires looking fresh, which a lot of people often overlook. The kit also comes with a scratch remover and the towels and foam pads necessary to cover everything you need.

3. Armor All 78452 Complete Car Care Kit

Now this kit here is the absolute bare bones of a cleaning kit. It provides all necessary for a person getting started, from a wash and wax combination down to some tire gel. It also has spray for the inside dash and plastic for a nice shiny coat and dirt removal, as well as a glass spray and wipes to go along with it all. I’d say you’ll need a bucket and a brush and you're well on your way to a good first car cleaning session.

4. Auto-Chem Professional (1138) Complete Car Care Detailing Bucket Kit

This is a great next step that covers cleaning down to headlight maintenance. I like this option because it comes with a bucket as well as the foam applicator, washing mitt, and drying towel. On top of having a full washing kit, they also give you some headlight scratch removal and restoration and then a wash and waxing gel, with some extra UV protectant spray for the interior and then to top of the whole kit, they give you a cleaning wax and shine. In all honesty this is a hell of a good deal, and you could use this for all kinds of toys.

5. Max Pack Detailing Kit 2-2EZ

Okay so this kit right here is like the max package in detailing. They also guarantee 100% satisfaction or money back, I mean you’ve gotta love that. This stuff is made for when you get done washing your car and are ready to get down and make it shine. They give you the wax, spray wax and that covers not only the body but also includes tire maintenance to give them a new look. They also got you covered on the interior because in this kit lies a spray to tackle the carpets and then some air fresheners as well.

I’ve given you the tools, I’ve given you the knowledge, but most of all, I’ve given you my love for a clean car and in a nicely written and easy to understand format. Now go forth my children and spread the car detailing products and knowledge to those who are uninformed, so that we may all live in a world of beautifully detailed cars. Also, it gives some of those cars who are always jaw-dropping a bit of extra incentive to step up their detailing work.