Best Car Interior Lights


Installing the best car interior lighting is a perfect way to customize your car interior, make it edgy and sleek. Modern lighting kits allow to place the light accents whatever you like and change the color depending on your current mood or even music rhythm. Such multi-color illumination will level up your everyday energy and motivate you to reach for more. The automotive lighting accessories market offers us many different models. However, we will search for those with the extended assortment of features and an affordable, reasonable price. In this review, we will describe popular units of accent and off road lighting category, like LED and neon light kits.

4-Piece 7 Color LED Interior Underdash Lighting Kit by LEDGlow

This versatile lighting kit will add a custom illumination to your vehicle's interior due to a wide range of possibilities. The kit comprises of 72 ultra-bright, wide angle LEDs placed per 18 pcs at each of the four 9-inch tubes, and a control box. The control box features seven solid colors, which are Red, White, Yellow, Blue, Green, Teal and Purple. You will be able to choose out of multiple lighting patterns, such as strobing, fading, scanning modes, chasing effects, and extremely popular among users sound activation option. Additionally, an auto illumination function turns on when you open vehicle’s doors. The kit can be powered by a 12-volt source or directly from your car’s fuse box. Use the brackets and 6-feet power wire to mount every tube virtually at any place, adjust the sound sensitivity of the built-in microphone or set another mode, and enjoy your best interior car lighting. As a bonus, you will get a 1-year limited warranty and free technical support.

Aura Smart-Color LED Strip Interior Lighting Kit (4 items) by OPT7

This lighting kit distinguishes by full-color spectrum SmartColor technology. Three primary colors mixture at a micro level, producing a true to eye, pure, bright, and saturated color. The set includes four 12-inch strips with 16 LEDs per each, self-adhesive tape, fuse adapters of different sizes, and E-Z remote box. A feature-rich set makes the installation process a breeze, just plug in the car charger adapter and hit the “ON”-button. You are also free to mount these flexible and durable stripes at any surface, bend, twist and curve around any interior part. The stripes feature heavy cover against any weather conditions as well. The exclusive finely tuned bass-activated technology flashes the lights to the music rhythm. E-Z remote programming features the one-touch color and pattern selection, precise speed control, advanced color dimming, and numerous flashing modes. This unit of the best car interior lights comes with a 1-year limited manufacturer warranty.

4-Piece Multicolor LED Interior Underdash Lighting Kit, APP Bluetooth Controller for iPhone Android by Saimly

This lighting kit is a perfect upgrading and enhancement for your car, as well as additional increasing of a safety on the road in daytime and nighttime. The product features easy installation and operating, as you simply need to mount the strip, plug, and play, no complicated wiring. You can place the assembled strip light either underneath the headlights or under the bumper with a help of peeled 3M double-sided tape. Over 16 million colors and tones of car lights will synchronize to the music or sound, captured by a microphone. You can control this LED strip via a free app on your phone (compatible with iOS and Android) and with a help of timer (on/off). The best interior car lighting also features low power consumption and charges via cigarette plug. It is a great option from many points of view.

With this unit, you will create an exclusive atmosphere for your car, truck, to cars, trucks, and any vehicle you want to decorate. Installed with double-sided adhesive straps in between the gap, this durable cable with an extended cover attaches easily and with no dash destruction. The lights charges from cigarette lighter plug built-in fuse (DC 12V). The product features four strips, and each comprises 9 LEDs, ice blue colored. The strip is approx. 4.77 inches in length, waterproof, energy saving, long lasting. The wire measures a total of approx. 22 feet in several lengths. This strip has a double-sided light-emitting design, produces bright and pure color. The set is equipped with high-quality integrated circuit boards, and each wire weld is neat. Therefore, this set can be considered high-quality interior lighting product.

4pcs Multi-color Car Interior Music Light LED Underdash Lighting Kit with Sound Active Function and Wireless Remote Control by Minger

This is an 8-color LED interior lighting kit with a multi-functional lighting method. This product fits for any car, truck, or boat that has DC 12 V voltage to plug in. Each set contains four SMD car LED strips, remote controller, module, and car charger. Mounting parts and installation instructions are included. Ultra-thin and virtually invisible, the strip can be placed in between the gap with no damage, as it is also very flexible, UV and water-resistant. There are three basic lighting modes to select – monochrome, automatic change, and music sensitivity mode. The color, rate of change, and brightness can be adjusted. Quit comprehensive product at a reasonable price.


In order to get the best interior car lighting system, you will need to determine your style preferences and your car possibilities. Modern interior accent lights are easy to install and to use, charge conveniently, and have a wide range of decorative options. All of the described earlier interior lights are a worthy choice. Mind your liking, your budget, your competence, and the ease of a particular set to fit your car parameters. Dress up your car and brighten up your life!