Top 5 Best Car Upholstery Cleaner


No one likes stained and dirty car seats. For the respected, recognizable people, whose career depends on the image, it is especially important to maintain a clean and neat interior of the car. If you are a mom, you will also appreciate a help in keeping the auto interior clean. Therefore, we need to put our attention to the automotive interior care products, namely an auto upholstery cleaner. Perhaps, you will also need a natural-hair brush or a scrub brush, and a vacuum car cleaner to complete the seat cleaning. However, let us focus on the best car upholstery cleaner and compare some popular products in this niche.

Top 5 Products

Honey Type Leather Cleaner For Cleaning & Conditioning Upholstery Car Seats, 16 oz by Black Box

For the lucky and proud owners of luxurious leather auto seats, there is a great opportunity to get a natural leather restoration! Look at the best car seat upholstery cleaner for the leather seats. Regular use will restore a worn out of your leather seats, repair and soften it. At the same time, for the brand-new leather seats, it provides protection, prevents drying out and cracking. It cleans and conditions the leather in one application, absorbs quickly and doesn’t leave unnecessary sticky, shiny surface film or weird smell. In order to prohibit any bacteria and mold growth, the Lanolin is excluded out of the product composition. In addition, this сare product is suitable for cleaning and moisturizing other things like leather furniture, gloves, jackets, etc. As a result, you will get flexible, long-lasting, new-like leather car seats.

Upholstery and Alcantara Cleaner - 8.45 fl. oz. by Sonax

In the case, if your car seats upholstery feature Alcantara (a covering material), this care product is what you need. The specially developed formulation will bring back soft feel and vibrant color to your seats and accessories. It may also become the best auto upholstery cleaner for the standard seats, textiles and auto carpets, and other interior surfaces. It effectively removes the most stubborn stains including chocolate, coffee, ice cream, cola, and ketchup. This product origins from Germany and is VOC compliant. To get rid of dirty ad matted seat upholstery, simply pre-clean it, shake the bottle and spray (should be tested and applied to complete sections), weight to let it dry, rub and vacuum again. In such a way, you can enjoy nice look and suede feel of your car seats.

This aerosol upholstery cleaner is very popular among the buyers and many of them highly recommend this product. It has a wide range of possibilities. You can apply it to clean and refresh your automotive carpet and floor mats, as well as upholstery. This best car seat upholstery cleaner effectively removes such stains as coffee, lipstick, grease, tar, ink, and even blood contamination. You can use your favorite brush or remove (scrub) stains and soils with a help of handy brush cap. This interior cleaner is truly easy to use: spray it on lightly, use a brush, and that’s it. The cleaner lifts up all the stains, raises the matted nap, and leaves no residue, just a wonderful smell, and a brand new look.

This auto upholstery cleaner works in tree steps: cleans stains, eliminates odor by unleashing the power of natural Citrus, and protects by repelling pets from returning. You can successfully use it for automobile seat upholstery, as well as for carpets, furniture, and more. Apply this product without any worrying, as it is totally safe for children and pets, organic, with no harmful chemical ingredients. A soy-based solvent formula powerfully and quickly dissolves and removes contaminants in minutes. All you need is to spray, scrub a little and dry the material as soon as the stains appear. Manufactured in the US, the product has a no-question money back policy, and that is why can be named the best car upholstery cleaner.

Some diligent person might want to have the comprehensive solution of the problem of qualitative car seats cleaning. In this case, the fastest and most powerful stain and spot removing shampoo will be the best car upholstery cleaner for such person. The product comprises a superior degreaser and an enzymatic odor eliminator to provide you unbeaten, long-lasting benefits. No toxic ammonia, bleach, solvents or other chemicals. Just naturally occurring microbes that degrade the organic compounds and set the entire odor control. There is no place for stubborn stains on your upholstery, other car fabric or carpets anymore. With this auto upholstery cleaner, a brand new condition and the fresh scent of your car seats will become for you a usual thing.


The car seats inevitably accumulate everyday messes, left by your food, kids or pets. In order to maintain your automotive neat and clean, you will need the best car seat upholstery cleaner. Note, that the market offers you guard, protective type products, that prevent the pollution by making the fabric and upholstery water and stain repellent. However, when you have a mess and the seat materials cannot handle steam or water, the best auto upholstery cleaner will come in handy. Aerosol or spray bottle and a brush will solve the problem of dirty seats in minutes. And if the material allows regular washing, you can use an upholstery shampoo for the complete treatment. Therefore, you are to decide, what the best car upholstery cleaner to select, and there is a wide range of worthy options.