Top 5 Best Car Window Cleaner

Not only are dirty car windows aggravating, but also potentially dangerous. FIlthy windows can result in impeded range of sight that can lead to a myriad of safety problems down the road. Cleaning windows need not be a hassle nor should it be expensive. Going over a plethora of products and reviews, we have distilled down some of the best car window cleaners that will give exceptional results without breaking your back.

LifeHammer All Season Car Window Cleaner

The LifeHammer car window cleaner is a multifaceted tool that works in a variety of seasons. The retractable telescopic handle extends up to 50 inches, this allows for easy movement along the full range of the car. The sponge is a nifty window wiper to create a crystal clear shine, while the squeegee wipes away any and all excess liquid. Flip it over in the winter to scrape away the ice. Because of the abuse they go under, LifeHammer has provided a total of three hefty blades. Regardless of the season, this window cleaner has you covered.

Invisible Glass Reach and Clean Tool, 95161

Invisible glass is renowned for having some of the best glass cleaners on the market. Their car window cleaning tool has a comfortable handle and pivoting triangular head. This movable head allows for you to reach even in the smallest corner along with adapting to curved surfaces. The Reach and Clean Tool is ideal for interior glass surfaces creating an inside and outside clean obliterating any smears, smudges, or fingerprints. The microfiber, nylon, and terry bonnets allows for customization and streak free shine. Coupled with the Invisible Glass spray you get the entire diy car soap experience.

Auto Glass Wiper and Handle Cleaner

Microfiber covers are considered some of the best car window cleaners because of their need of no chemicals. Using just plain water you can easily wipe away even the most stubborn dirt, dust, and grime. Coming with a storage pouch when not in use, the two covers can be thrown in the washer for reuse. The extra long 16” handle comes with a pivoting head the quickly adapts to curved surfaces. This allows for a clean that doesn’t strain or hurt your back. Works amazing for fog and moisture control that builds up on the car windows overnight.

Xindell Car Windshield Kit

Get a spotless shine without the use of chemicals. The Xindell set comes with a handle, two microfiber towels, and a 30ml spray bottle. Using just regular tap water, you can wipe away despicable gunk that accumulates on your car windows. For added control there is a pivoting head and detachable handle. The pivoting head gets the smallest nook and cranny while the detachable comfort grip handle pushes this idea even further. By being able to clean inside the windshield, the microfiber towels can be used as a defroster.

Car Inside Windshield Brush

The Car Inside windshield brush has a built in ergonomic handle making for an easier cleaning experience. With a pivoting head this brush can fit the interior side of automobile windows regardless of the size; anywhere from car to RVs will work. Containing a 30ml spray bottle and 2 microfiber towels, you can swiftly wash away the most brutal caked on spots without the use of any harsh chemicals. In a pinch, the microfiber towels can be used to absorb moisture and fog, allowing you to supersede the need of a slow defroster.

A clean car window can make a world of a difference. Not only does it look nicer, but can potentially be life saving. How to clean car windows? We recommend the use of a powerful glass cleaner along with any of these multifaceted handled cleaning implements. A spongy material can have more pressure applied to it, but the new microfiber technology can be used again and again. Regardless of what you choose to pick, you can’t go wrong with the best car window cleaners on the market.