Top 5 Best Carpet Shampoo On The Market Today

Okay, first off let’s just all admit that carpet can be a bit of a pain, and without proper maintenance can be totally disgusting. Look no further though for I am with you all, in spirit of course. I’ve always had carpet in my place wherever I’ve lived and know the pains of keeping up on it, so I also know it’s dreadful to spill something and be left with a stain. I’ve tried them all and have discovered the best carpet shampoo either for your own shampooer or a rented one. Which in time of trouble, any shampooer can be a lifesaver.

1. Hoover AH30330 Cleanplus 2X Concentrated Carpet Cleaner and Deodorizer

First up a simpleton of sorts, nothing too out of the way in terms of best carpet shampoo, but it does it’s job and boy does it do well. Meant purely for cleaning of a messy situation or a plain ole aged rug or carpet, this carpet shampoo will do the trick. Doing the trick is kind of putting it lightly, the results outstanding and it also leaves quite a pleasant smell, which is to be expected since its not ripping stains from the ground.

2. Bubba's Super Steamer Carpet Cleaner

Supposedly an all around great product and meant to pull up stains and fight off those hard to get out smells. Able to be used through any shampooer and it’s a simple concoction of ingredients which are green friendly. This stuff helps revitalize carpet fibers and is said to help keep it lasting longer. Can easily breakup soil in heavy use areas and reduces allergen and bacteria build up which is great for a carpet situation.

3. Hoover Platinum Collection Pet Plus Carpet and Upholstery Detergent

Now if you're looking to really dive into the deep underbelly of that dirty carpet say no more. This Hoover Platinum Collection is some of the best carpet shampoo around and is meant for those deep and dirty excursions into a world you knew nothing of. It’s meant for the toughest of the stains around, and it’s known to leave a nice scent on top of it all.

4. Nature's Miracle Urine Destroyer Stain and Residue Eliminator

Got pets and there’s some stains that you want gone? Oh, not to mention that smell trapped in the carpet lingering around. Well, this tuff is said to do the job and do it well, like incredibly well. The cool thing about this stuff, is that it also does well on clothes that have pet urine on them. Only supposed to take five minutes of letting it sit, then you're able to wipe it off. If you’ve got a bit of a tougher stain, it says use a brush which is perfect for a shampooer and those well set in stains in the carpet. Overall this product has had some excellent reviews for tackling the general pet problems.

5. Simple Green 11201 Clean Building Carpet Concentrate Cleaner

A green alternative to other products without the loss of quality. It’s often been used and tons of good feedback from this stuff, especially since it doesn't give off any crazy smells. Meant specifically for industrial purposes like schools and company buildings, its available for your own home and is safe for it as well. For the price its perfect for your needs, given it does all the basic requirements without the price tag and chemicals. There was one thing about this stuff that made me question its ability and that was the fact that someone had to go over a heavy traffic area several times, though who’s to say his heavy traffic was beyond normal for the rest of us.

Depending on what kind of carpet you’ve got and the type of shampooer, the determining factor to me is always the ones that stop a nasty stain and get rid of smells. A list of the best carpet shampooers would really benefit a situation, but if it’s only using water I’m sure the shampooer would do no to little good. Another route you could always take is the good ole homemade carpet shampoo, which from my experience takes some time and or quick action and usually requires a collection of ingredients which is always fun to find if you've got the time and knowledge. For the sake of simplicity I generally lean toward snagging something meant to take care of my problems, either that or get rid of the carpet! The choice is up to you.