The 5 Best Electric Chain Hoist

The back is a terrible thing to hurt. This is forever a threat in the everyday life of a mechanic, farmer, or any other labor intensive job.. Electric chain hoists are the perfect product when it comes for lifting or descending heavy objects. Whether it be a car engine that needs working on, or a bale of hay being lifted into a barn loft, these machines can cut back on unnecessary sweat and strain on your body.

Roughneck Round Chain Electric Hoist

The creme de la creme of chain hoists, the Roughneck is truly in a league of its own when it comes to features. Operating on only standard 115V power, it can be used in a plethora of different situations. The powerful machine can lift 2,200 pounds, over a ton of weight! The cord pulls up or lowers all this weight 9.8 feet. The remote control has a 15 foot cord, which means any operator should be able to stay on the ground while using it. The Roughneck chain hoist comes with a thermal overload protection, electromagnetic brake, and includes a chain bag.

Goplus Mini Electric Wire Hoist Overhead Lift

The Goplus electric hoist is one of the most powerful machines of its kind on the market today. It has a unique braided carbon steel cable that is specifically designed not to twist. This machine can lift a maximum of 660 pounds on a single line lift at 39 feet, along with lifting 1320 pounds on a double line lift at 19 feet. Clocking in at 26 feet and 13 feet respectively, you can quickly ascend or descend any necessary heavy objects. The mounting brackets align with a fixed beam or hook on the ceiling. This machine also comes with a built in overheat protection for safety.

Champion Power Equipment 18890 Engine Hoist

Champion is known for stupendous power equipment. The 18890 electric hoist is no exception. This powerful machine is single rated at 440 pounds and double rated for 880 pounds. This allows for a 33 and 16.5 per minute line speed respectively. For added safety this electric chain hoist comes with a tethered remote control and a durable 39.4 foot cable. This hoist does all of this and more while pulling only a 120 volts. At just over 35 pounds and just under 12 horse power, Champion held nothing back with this machine.

WARN 885000 Corded PullzAll 120V AC

This easy to use hoist can lift or pull an impressive half a ton. In order to make sure you aren’t putting too much stress on this machine, it comes with an electronic load limiter and a straightforward LED indicator. The variable speed trigger ensures more finesse when it comes to controlling your load compared to other electric hoists. The WARN 885000 weighs only 15 pounds and comes with a 15 foot by 7/32 inch wire rope. For a more secure hold, it also includes an anchor hook that can swivel.

Kaixun 440 LBS Power Lift Electric Chain Hoist

One of the best electric chain hoists for its price range. This slim machine can lift 220 pounds on a single line and 440 pounds on a double line. Capable of lifting an unbelievable maximum of 38 feet on a single line, the Kaixun chain hoist can easily get the job done. The mounting clamps helps the hoist attach to a fixed overhead. The remote switch comes with a five foot cord and an emergency kill switch to ensure safety. This chain hoist also has a built in cable guide, this allows the cable to always extend out in a straight line.

Need to ascend or descend several hundred pounds at a time? Look no further than these incredible chain hoists. These unique machines fulfill a particular niche of labor and do so extraordinarily well. Whether you are looking for something affordable, powerful, or a variety of features, these hoists can cover your need. Investing into an electric chain hoist is one that pays high dividends and shouldn’t be overlooked for those wanting to make their difficult job easier.