5 Best Engine Coolant For Your Engines

Probably one of the most important and most often forgotten aspects of car ownership is maintaining the levels of coolant in your vehicle. Coolant is used to keep the liquids, engine, and other parts of the car at the proper temperature in all weather conditions. It is important to make sure your coolant is at the proper levels, that way you do not have any unexpected problems.

Engine coolant and antifreeze are similar products and both will be featured in this article, however, it is important to note that antifreeze is even more cold resistant than coolant. Below we have ranked the top five best engine coolants on Amazon based on price and quality so you can get the most bang for your buck

5. Genuine Honda Parts OL999-9011 Blue Type 2 Coolant - 1 Gallon Bottle

Our number 5 pick for coolant is sold by Honda. It is the cheapest on the list at $23 for a gallon. This is a solid coolant and is said to protect your car for 5 years or 60,000 miles if used properly. Using it properly is not difficult, no water needs to be added and nothing else is required besides adding it your vehicle. The coolant is also made to protect the aluminum components of your vehicle better than some other brands. If you drive a Honda vehicle, this is a great choice as it is the exact coolant that originally came with your vehicle.

Next up is a coolant/antifreeze sold by Audi. It is only a few more dollars per gallon than the Honda product, but as an antifreeze it is worth the price. This coolant is designed for year-round protection, cooling in the summer and frost resistant in the winter, and is suitable for all engine types. So you do not need to worry if it will work in your vehicle or not, because it is made for all domestic and foreign engines, whether they are gasoline or diesel. This coolant is also the original coolant for both Audi and Volkswagen vehicles, so this coolant is the one of the best for many on the market.

This is the most expensive coolant on the list at $19 per half gallon. It was created to cool the engines in race cars, but it can be used in a variety of vehicles. Because it was created to handle the extreme engine temperatures of high-speed racing, this engine coolant is proven to lower temperatures better than other coolants in high stress vehicle conditions. If you drive a vehicle that sees a lot of extreme weather conditions or is put through a lot of stress, this coolant may be a great choice for you. This coolant is also biodegradable and non-toxic, which are always a bonus.

Our runner-up is a $26 per gallon coolant/antifreeze sold by Toyota. It is the original coolant in all newer model Toyota vehicles, so it is great for Toyota owners, especially those looking for an easy upgrade in an older Toyota vehicle. However, it is also made to work with all gasoline engines and make them work at their maximum efficiency. It is a reliable product with near-perfect ratings and it is sold at a fair price. Most coolants are sold in the mid-$20 range, but many do not have this level of quality.

1. BMW 82141467704 Grey Antifreeze Coolant - 1 Gallon

Our number 1 pick for coolants is this antifreeze/coolant from BMW. Because it is made specifically for them, it is the best coolant for BMWs. It can still be used with other vehicle brands though, so do not let that hinder you. It is a little more expensive at $29 per gallon, but it is worth the extra dollars as it is incredibly effective at what it does. This coolant protects most metal types including cast iron, steel, and aluminum, something that not all coolants do. Because it is a product that does so much, it is no wonder why this coolant is the best seller on Amazon and the best reviewed. This coolant is not only the best coolant for BMWs, but also the best for all vehicles.


Coolant is an oft-forgotten but essential component of any vehicle. It is better to buy good, quality coolant and regularly replace it in your vehicle than to wait until you notice something is not right (as most of us tend to do). These five coolants are the best engine coolants on Amazon and we hope they help you in choosing the product for you. It is always best to choose a superior product over an inferior one when it has to do with something so important you use it every day, like your car.