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How many times have you searched about a car accessory, and found nothing but spun articles? How does it feel to look for valuable information, but only get copied content from the manufacturer’s website?

What about fake reviews? Have you ever been a victim of that? Purchasing a 5 star product only to find it’s nothing like advertised? I know I have. The problem is: There are too many self-proclaimed “EXPERTS” out there whose only goal is to make more money. Even if it means providing wrong information.

My blogging career started because of this false information. I didn’t plan on it. One day, while checking out a few cleaning kits on Amazon, I went to the reviews section and saw many wonderful reviews, and I clicked ‘Buy’.  The product arrived and let’s just say, it was the time I learned not to trust fake reviews on Amazon. I got good at doing my own research. Really good. I helped my friends & family choose the right accessories for their cars, and it was then when it hit me - More people should benefit from what I know.

And today, I’m sharing my knowledge to help you do what I have done successfully over the years - when it comes to car related products, choose the best you can get!Thousands of readers have trusted my reviews, and the buying guides that I have written. When it comes to researching online you have two options - you either go through the pain yourself, or trust someone who is well-known for his/her ethical advice. If you choose to take the second route, I’m that guy for you. It’s your desire for true information, that drives me towards what I do on this blog.

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